I'm a designer and storyteller curious about data ethics, media and information sharing, and equity-centered design practices. My design process comes from a curiosity in how people interact with the systems and processes around them and a desire to see things change for the better. I believe great design simply empowers those it affects and use design as a tool to share my power.

My skills include:

  • qualitative and quantitative research

  • bringing ideas to life through UX and service design

  • mentoring and teaching human-centered-design


Project Examples

A lot of my work has been under NDA. Please contact me for more examples of my wireframes and qualitative and quantitative design research.

My process involves learning from handmade drawings and conversations, but you can see some examples of my design work here.

In addition, I've guest lectured at:


I am a Garage Designer at IBM. I focus on pre-sales early-stage project definition and MVPs to reduce risk and build excitement with our clients.  I recently received a double major in Journalism and Statistics, with the Segal Design Certificate at Northwestern University

As an Alumni Board Member for the Design for America  Alumni Network, I am cultivating a community of young professionals interested in social impact design. If you are interested in attending one of our events or just learning more about what we do, please reach out!


I am constantly learning something new and always have a book on me. In my free time, I can be found cooking spicy foods, practicing my Italian, and bouldering.


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