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Hi! I'm Alex. I'm fascinated by:

  • storytelling

  • socially focused human-centered design

  • playing with numbers

I am currently diving into user 

research and experience design at Lextech



I am an Experience Designer at Lextech, an enterprise technology consultancy. At Lextech, I conduct research and create wireframes to help Fortune 500 companies utilize technology to create simple and empowering employee experiences. I recently received a double major in Journalism and Statistics, with the Segal Design Certificate at Northwestern University



As the Chicago Ambassador for the Design for America  Alumni Network, I am cultivating a community of young professionals interested in social impact design. If you are interested in attending one of our events or just learning more about what we do, please reach out! My personal interests include supporting women in tech, mental health, and media, and we have members with interests ranging from accessibility to education to medicine.


I am constantly trying to learn something new and always have a book on me. In my free time, I can be found cooking, practicing my Italian, and playing ultimate frisbee. 


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